Business Agility Coaching


Dr. Jason Marr, ND accepts a limited and select number of preceptors from naturopathic institutions governed by NABNE (North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners.  We also work with universities and colleges to create work placements for savvy and eager students.  

Paid and unpaid opportunities may be available, please contact us at info (at) evokemedicine.com to discuss your options.

Preceptors will not have access to patient visits, but may be provided with the opportunity for a brief one-on-one opportunity to learn business best-practices from Dr.Marr, and an introduction to 1-on-1 ND Business Agility Coaching.

In inquire as to availabilities, please email info (at) evokemedicine.com.



1-on-1 ND Business Agility Coaching

75% of the skills you use everyday in practice, you didn't learn in school.

For practitioners who want the individualized and direct attention, Dr.Marr offer a very limited number of seats in his Masters program: Evoke Academy.  This 1-on-1 ND Business Agility Coaching offer is a customized approach to developing the business decision-making frameworks necessary to be agile and opportunistic in business as a healthcare practitioner..

Establishing, running and maintaining your practice or clinic is daunting and expensive, and it’s a huge risk.  Working with an experienced advisor and coach who can provide you with both business consultation but clinical support you jumpstarts your practice or business so you are making more money, sooner.

Having started his career on a shoe-string budget, to having opened 3 clinics from scratch, Dr.Marr's charisma and excitement in sharing his experiences with new practitioners is palpable.  Applying the lessons learned in his career towards your immediate success, he'll develop an individualized approach to getting the most out of your time, effort and money so that you can live your life the way you want to, and achieve all business and financial goals.

To inquire as to current availabilities (program is limited to ensure client access to Dr.Marr) please email info (at) evokemedicine.com.