Counselling services

Counselling sessions are a therapeutic environment in which to share the concerns, challenges, goals, and desires of your life. Through respectful, confidential conversations with a skilled and compassionate professional, you will gain support in learning about yourself and what may help you to live the fullest life possible. It is a relationship of trust when you choose to work with a therapist, as you are sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences that are often deeply personal. In the process,  your therapist is there to guide you in practicing new  skills and behaviours in order to live a more empowered life. Progress often includes shifting unhelpful thoughts, coping with stress and anxiety more effectively, and knowing yourself better. Many times, talking through challenges helps people to get unstuck, revealing a level of resourcefulness and strength that hadn't been fully tapped into.

Sessions involve an exchange of talking and listening, and in order to promote personal growth they can also incorporate activities such as art, writing, and play.

The journey of developing self-awareness and healing from life’s hard experiences looks different for everyone. Sometimes it may be a few sessions before you make the changes you are seeking. For others, it’s a longer term relationship while you work to lessen deeper hurts and to build resilience. 
Counselling has been found to be more effective when attendance is consistent. It is up to you how often you see your counsellor, and with your therapist’s input you can make a plan that fits best for you.

While many people find a caring, supportive presence to be uplifting or reassuring, at first it can feel unsettling to talk openly  about life's struggles. Be patient with the process. Finding a sense of relief, clarity, or hopefulness can take time.

Counsellors serve in the client’s best interest. Registered Clinical Counsellors in BC have a Master’s degree or higher, and follow the ethical and professional guidelines set out by the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.