Osteopathy was founded in 1874 by the American physician Andrew Taylor Still.  A.T. Still believed in the body’s ability to express health and also its ability to heal when in proper alignment.  Osteopathic practitioners address the patient as a whole looking to restore normal alignment and mobility of all structures including muscles, fascia, joints, organs, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves using gentle manipulation.  As the great German embryologist Erich Blechschmidt wrote: “The body functions as a whole and it is only as a whole that we should attempt to comprehend it.”

Osteopathy uniquely addresses the causes which have led to the patient’s dysfunction.  When a whole body assessment is performed, the causes which have led to your symptoms can be better understood.  From here, an appropriate plan of action can be implemented to bring about optimal resolution.  Treatments are relaxing and last anywhere between 45 and 60 minutes.  Anyone of any age including newborns and children can benefit from osteopathic work.

For more information on manual osteopathy, please visit www.osteopathybc.ca.