Claiming your power

Thirst for Thriving

A regular post by Karyn, RCC 💛

"Self-care is how you take your power back."

– Lalah Delia

Have you considered making Counselling a part of your self-care practice?

As we approach the end of 2018, now is an excellent time to fully use your extended health benefits. Many plans cover Counselling with a Registered Clinical Counsellor or Social Worker.

Some common motivators to attend therapy are: Feeling overwhelmed by life's demands, anxiety that affects everyday life and feels uncomfortable, or readiness to work through some lingering disappointment or fear around close relationships.

Living powerfully opens up new doors.

Claim your power by sharing your truth in a safe environment. Let your voice be heard as you share emotions that may not have been fully expressed. Explore what has been challenging, and name the successes in your life. Therapy gives you the opportunity to relieve any tension or resentment that may be keeping you from feeling empowered in the way you live everyday.

What personal power are you being invited to explore?

Karyn Davies, Registered Clinical Counsellor 

Karyn empowers clients to live with passion, authenticity, and trust. Her support enhances self-esteem and promotes a regular self-care practice, while celebrating client progress in feeling more grounded, capable, and present to life's joys and challenges.