Fall 3 Day Reset

As the days grow shorter, and the weather a little cooler, it seems Autumn has arrived right on time here in Vancouver. While it’s easy to mourn the loss of those epic bright, beautiful summer days, the change in season may also come as somewhat of a relief to many. After all, a few months of beach days, barbecues, and "beverages" have a funny way of throwing us off course when it comes to attaining our health goals.

Luckily, October is the perfect time turn inward, and give our bodies some well-deserved TLC; moreover, with the abundance of fresh, seasonal vegetables available on practically every corner, it couldn’t be easier (or more delicious) to give our diets a gentle overhaul. From brilliantly coloured squash and hearty root veggies, to the everyone’s Fall favourite, pumpkin, the variety of foods with which we can decorate our plates are truly endless!

Here at Evoke, we’ve created the “Fall 3 Day Reset” meal plan to help you to get your eating habits back on track with a number of nutrient-dense, Autumn-inspired dishes. We’ve packed the very best flavours of the season into an easy-to–follow, three-day meal plan, complete with a corresponding shopping list that makes grocery trips a breeze. All meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, (not to mention guilt-free!), and come equipped with a few suggested "swaps" here and there, in order to help to accommodate almost anyone’s dietary preferences. Follow the plan day by day, or slowly integrate meals into your week –  the choice is all yours when it comes to getting the most out of this meal plan. 

To get your copy of Evoke's "Fall 3 Day Reset", head over to our Meal Planning page, and contact our team today!