Practitioner Feature: Dr. Jason Marr, ND

Dr. Jason Marr is the owner, director and founder of Evoke Integrative Medicine. He is a Naturopathic Doctor, Performance & Productivity Coach. He treats patients who are burned out, stressed and struggling to keep up with the everyday. Dr. Marr sees urban professionals who are looking to create balance in their lives and thrive in everything that they do, he describes himself like a Doctor as Coach.

 Dr. Marr takes a very pragmatic approach to integrating the best available options and working in a partnership with his clients to find the best next step, always with the primary goal of continually making positive steps. He strongly believes Naturopathic Medicine is a lot more evidence-informed than people give it credit for, and coaching isn’t just for athletes.

 During your first visit with Dr. Marr, you can expect to review the entirety of your case and discuss available options in an integrative manner.  There is also a targeted physical examination.  It’s 60mins long and patients do not leave empty-handed – he is always keen on taking action as soon as possible, even if it’s with very basic steps. You can expect homework upon, every visit.  Working with me, says Dr. Marr, is as much like working with a Coach as it is a Doctor.

 Most new patients see Dr. Marr for 3 visits within the first 1-2mos.  The long-term goal is always to create resilience so that the people he works with can begin to feel more control over their health.

 Dr. Marr is currently working towards certification as an Organizational Coach. He feels it’s already made him a better doctor, a better coach and motivator, and allows him to see my clients in the context of their work.


Dr. Marr’s wife, Dr. Kristin Marr, MHSc, MD, FRCPC, is a Clinical Associate in Oncology at BC Children’s Hospital and their family includes an energetic toddler named Connor and his newly born little sister, Claire.