Practitioner Feature: Ivana Nikolic, R.Ac.

Ivana strongly believes in a “mind, body, spirit” approach. Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ivana believes in bridging both eastern and western medicine. “I never treat symptoms only; I work with the whole body.” Unique to her practice, Ivana includes a technique called sliding cupping at the end of each treatment, which can be similar to myofascial technique. “This can help to bring fresh blood and oxygen to the tissues that have issues!” Cupping can even help you to improve your sleep.

Acupuncture can address all kind of concerns including addictions, helping to regulate your menstrual cycle, digestive issues, migraines, allergies, labour prep, stress/depression and more. This modality has no side effects and doesn’t interfere with any supplements or medications. Ivana chooses to use oils like grapeseed as well as oils with herbs in them to help with pain and promoting circulation. She also uses an infrared heat lamp in treatment, for its healing properties and to help with microcirculation. Post-treatment she recommends lots of water and keeping the treated area, covered and warm.

In Ivana’s opinion, Acupuncture should not be painful. She believes pain would be distracting during treatment and is counterproductive. The needles she uses are small, thin, smooth and disposable. So small in fact that typically, a patient will not even notice the needles; if they do feel them, a little repositioning usually fixes the issue.

Ivana not only supports you physically but feels strongly about setting up a safe space to be able to share and relax, this can be quite healing in of itself! She relates building her practice to building a family. When coming to work in the morning, she thinks to herself “how can I serve my family today?” You really can feel how gentle and supportive Ivana is, the moment you meet her. As someone who has been lucky enough to have had treatment with Ivana, I can say I left feeling so relaxed, in less pain, and more in my own body than I would have thought possible from just a 60-minute session. The cupping felt so amazing and helped with my back pain.

Ivana might choose to provide you with some stretches to do at home and would like to mention that Acupuncture is very complimentary to other healing modalities including Naturopathy, Massage Therapy and Osteopathy. It is important to remember that you don’t have to have pain or any specific problem to benefit from acupuncture, it can be a part of self-care as well as an excellent mental health regime.

Ivana came to Vancouver 15 years ago and is a proud Mother of two beautiful children. She is also a Barre fitness instructor and on her off time, enjoys reading and yoga. Ivana is passionate about continuing her education and is currently studying more on - Balance Medicine.