Practitioner Feature: Karyn Davies, RCC

Karyn’s practice focuses on making connections and discoveries through talk therapy, with body-centred and mindfulness work. Her goal is to provide a welcoming space for people to explore life’s challenges. Her presence is very attentive, and she seems to have a calm and quiet power about her. Karyn really takes joy in knowing people and knowing their story. She loves “diving deep” and has a curiosity around what might be blocking each of us from thriving fully in our lives and guides clients in exploring the different layers to that. The process of self-growth takes support and patience, and Karyn believes it can really help to have a place to be heard and respected no matter what is going on for you.

Karyn will equip you with tools for authentic growth that become tangible and easy to practice. She believes in making a strong self-connection first and then with that foundation, powerfully moving towards others and connecting with other aspects of life.

The truth is, everybody can benefit from seeing a counsellor! Karyn says “We all go through different losses, self- doubt issues and can; therefore, all benefit from a chance to process deeply and out loud, to help rediscover our strengths and reclaim our own voice.” This “tuning in” allows us to feel nurtured and can be particularly healing to those of us who struggle to make our individual needs a priority put our own needs first.

Upon an initial visit with Karyn, things will begin slowly. She will help to guide the conversation with questions to help you open up more. She believes in giving meaningful homework, tailored to the individual, and booking in to see a therapist regularly when possible.

Karyn thinks it is important to acknowledge our past experiences at a gentle pace so we can learn from them. This tends to be the most effective when done in small parts. It is a process, and too much heavy exposure can be traumatic. It can be most useful to explore with Karyn, how to build resilience, now.

Everybody is so different, and it is very individual as to what may affect us in this life. Karyn strongly believes every experience has both grit and beauty. If you can stay with this sense of vulnerability, each lesson can have something profound to teach us. This is brave work and can sometimes feel sensitive and vulnerable. Karyn has a beautiful way of holding space with no judgement to help bring a little “TLC” to your whole self.

Karyn would like to invite you to journey beside her as you embark on an opportunity together to experience growth and authentic connection in your life.