Practitioner Feature: Zahara Ajani, RMT

Zahara describes her healing modality as treatment with a purpose. She has a focused practice that centres around therapeutic treatment for recovery and healthy aging. As a clinical practitioner, she provides this therapeutic treatment, to help with tissue recoveries, such as pain, tightness, soreness, and stiffness. She focuses not only on the symptoms but the root of the problem, to help the patient regain muscle balance & function. Zahara strongly believes that holistic therapy involves not just treating the soft tissue, but also the nervous system as a way to treat deeper tissue to help decrease stress.

Treatment can help with a body-mind connection to achieve balance. Zahara sees patients who are actively engaged in their health or want to regain their health. These individuals want to improve mobility, flexibility, or energy. They are tired of feeling tired and living in pain and want to improve their quality of life. This can mean that rehab/remedial exercises are an essential aspect of achieving recovery. Her practice focuses on treating the muscle at the point of restriction to support & facilitate the release of tissue. Zahara knows that it’s not about pushing into the tissue. She encourages her patients to worry less about feeling deep pressure and focus more on breathing and feeling the changes that are happening. It's worth remembering that change is occurring at the cellular level!

As an RMT, she does not work by just massaging tissue and applying pressure, Zahara is focused on understanding your symptoms to come up with clinical reasoning to treat your concerns and achieve recovery.

For the first visit with Zahara, patients will complete the online medical intake form, and upon arrival, patients can expect a discussion based on health history, for the purpose of assessment, treatment goals, treatment areas, and post-treatment care.

Zahara is here to work with you and believes that that requires good communication. Post-treatment, a patient, may feel sore, pain, fatigue, bruising; Zahara says, it’s all part of the process towards recovery!

Ideally, patients should come in weekly to facilitate recovery. Otherwise, if patients are following through with post-treatment care, they can come in for follow-up treatment if they feel their recovery is not improving.

Zahara has an invested interest in improving the health of her patients. She is results-oriented, whether that is muscle balance, reduction of pain or stress release, patients of hers can expect to take away tools to help manage their recovery.

If you feel Zahara is the right practitioner for you, please visit her website and schedule an appointment by calling 604.685.1181 or emailing