Burnout: The Quiet Epidemic of our Times

Burnout: The Quiet Epidemic of our Times

The pace of our world has dramatically increased in the past two decades: Technology, and social media govern our lives more than ever.  With this increase speed of life has come an increased perception of workload, and an increased level of expected productivity: The rate of acceleration of change has put us in a precarious situation - We’re not built for the world we live in.

Burnout is real.  And it’s time we started talking about it.

What are you doing to train your resilience edge?

Avoiding Holiday Burnout

This year we are all about avoiding Holiday burnout! Prioritizing, self-care and gentle reminders can sometimes help bring us back to a place of that holly jolliness. Prioritizing is a huge one for me and something I am continuously working on. It seems the pressure to have a “perfect” Christmas gets bigger every year, as does my to-do list! My biggest advice for cutting down this list, to what matters to YOU is the A-E method.

A- Assemble the list.

B- Break it down! (circle only 2 top list items that bring you JOY)

C- Create a new list with these joyful items

D- Delegate or it is gone! (You are not alone. What friends or family can help with this?)

E- Eliminate all the extra and enjoy your top 2!

It can be easy to get trapped in the idea that everything on the list HAS to get done. This is where prioritizing is really important…what is important to you this Holiday!? What kind of holiday do YOU want to have? Is it really a MUST to have three different types of stuffing? Yes, it might be nice, and you might even get extra brownie points from your mother in law! But what will this cost, time and energy wise? Instead of opening presents with the kids, you might have to spend all morning in the kitchen, you might be exhausted by the time the actual dinner comes around, and not get to enjoy it as much! Prioritizing and keeping your holiday simple to what really matters to you and yours will not only help preserve your energy but will help define for you what the Holiday is really about.

This Holiday season, make sure to pencil in some “me time.” Have you been shopping and decorating all day? A bath might feel wonderful to wind down, or even a session with one of our wonderful Practitioner’s for a massage, acupuncture or an appointment with our Osteopath!

At Evoke, we now offer Clinical Counselling with Karyn Davies, who is passionate about helping people build a self-care routine that honours their needs. We have asked Karyn to share with us some best practices for avoiding burnout this season…

With all of the magic and celebration of the season, it can be challenging to find a healthy balance of doing and being. What could it feel like to experience Christmas with total ease?

I invite you to keep these things in mind when navigating your holiday plans:

You have permission to do less. Consider where your expectations of a fabulous meal are coming from. Does requiring a certain standard of perfection reflect what you value? What matters the most to you, if you dig deep? Try giving yourself permission to simplify how things are being done this Christmas.

Turn up the self-compassion. Think of it as a system reboot! Now is an excellent time to speak to yourself with kindness, especially when you feel worn out, overstretched, or frustrated. Take a compassion shower, mentally- and really soak up the words of care and kindness.

I suggest taking small steps in making changes to your habits and ways of thinking. Small changes allow you to experience something different authentically, and to explore how valuable it is. Have fun celebrating the little successes!