Speaking Engagements

Corporate wellness and public awareness and education are an integral part of our mandate.  Evoke's staff consist of a team of excellent presenters, who will be able to provide your employees or your consumer base with an engaging and informative event.  Attendees are provided with pragmatic, immediately actionable tasks, and an understanding as to their benefits and expected outcomes.  

Our speaking engagements typically revolve around maximizing productivity and performance in the workplace, and acting proactively - not just preventatively - to continually better ourselves.

All speaking engagements are coordinated by our Director, Performance & Productivity Coach, Dr. Jason Marr, ND and/or our Corporate Wellness Coach Nicole Porter, and may include, at your request, any of our other staff.

Dr. Marr is a renowned public speaker with over a decade of experience.  His engaging style and ability to involve the audience help him deliver real-world, realistic, achievable and sustainable tools to your employees in a corporate setting, or motivate large groups of consumers in a public setting.

Dr. Marr is a regular fixture and draws large crowds at The Vancouver Wellness Shows, The Vancouver Health Shows, The Victoria Health Shows.  He provides corporate presentations to small, medium and large-sized corporations as part of corporate wellness programs, at general meetings or conferences.


Common speaking platforms:

We execute speaking engagements regularly on the following topics:

  • The Resilience Plan - Overcoming Burnout & Adrenal dysfunction
  • The Refuelling Principle - Maximizing Brainpower, Productivity & Performance
  • Staying healthy in the winter months
  • Diet does not Equal Nutrition
  • Health & Wealth (w/ Christian Dy, Financial Advisor)
  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Nutrigenomics - Leveraging your DNA to maximize Nutrition & Performance

We would also be excited to develop a customized presentation specific to your target population

If you want to engage your employees or your consumer base with a dynamic, confident and motivating speaker, please contact Dr.Marr directly at drmarr (at) evokemedicine.com.

Corporate engagements begin at $850 per hour presentation.